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Polyurea Spray System: A polyurethane system consisting of polyether and isocyanate, a sputum spray material.
The 100% solid content spraying material is a solvent-free environmentally friendly coating, which is simple and quick to construct.
Fast curing in 10~15 seconds, which can save manpower cost, and avoid delays in construction period.
After spraying, it can form an elastic coating with toughness, wear resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance.

Polyurethane prepolymer PU prepolymer: Mainly divided into yellow or non-yellowing PU prepolymer system, TDI prepolymer / MDI prepolymer / HDI prepolymer / IPDI prepolymer, can be formulated into a single liquid type moisture hardening or sputum type It is suitable for application in various PU coatings/PU caulks.
And it has 100% solid content, low free NCO monomer and other low toxicity environmental protection options.

Waterproof primer: Provides water-repellent and oil-resistant waterproof materials for customers!



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